Hello.  Bon jour.  Bon dia.  Wassup.

I am Lauren, a 30-something female on the hunt for a simpler, tidier, minimal but meaningful life.  I like to travel, have lived in Europe before, am an introvert and yet enjoy meeting new people.  I also studied medicine for a while and practice it from time to time, in between episodes of Game of Thrones, YouTube videos, listening to audio books & podcasts, and chasing after my two cats.

I believe that my shopping addiction is due to my need to compensate for something.  A void in my life that I hadn’t exactly noticed before.  I have been off and on this minimalism journey (I hate that corny phrase but can’t invent a better one at the moment) for quite some time.  At one point I wanted to live in a tiny house and had gotten my wardrobe to a very usable and well loved collection.  That is until I moved into a new apartment in a new town in a state I hadn’t lived in since 2009.  In comes the anxiety, fear, loneliness, and stuff.

Well, I have moved AGAIN, but this time to a town I know fairly well, and want a simpler life.  So after reading books, watching videos and movies, reading blogs…I’m diving in.  I hope you will too 😉