Traveling Lite

I like to travel, though I loathe airports and flying.  That being said, I have found some things to make traveling less painful.

  1. I never check a bag.  This makes packing…interesting.  I always have a rolling bag to fit overhead.  Now, occasionally the bag will be checked at the gate depending on the size of the plane and bins overhead, but that’s never been a problem.  By never checking a bag, I never have to worry about losing something, which has happened to friends of mine in the past.  Even for my trip today to Florida for 6 days (which includes two wedding ceremonies so two different outfits), I still only have my large hand-bag and my rolling luggage.
  2. TSA Pre-Check.  If you fly, this is CRAZY helpful.  It costs $85 and will practically let you “bypass” security, at least as we have come to know and love.  Yeah you still have to stand in a line but it’s currently Memorial Day weekend and I’m in Charlotte, NC and was in line for 5-10 min.  Judging by the number of people waiting I think the regular security line would have been about an hour.  It means that you do not have to take off shoes, take out liquids, take out electronics/laptops, and more.  I only had to walk through a metal detector (no crazy x-ray machine) and my phone and everything was able to be kept in my own bags and not placed into individual plastic bins.  This goes for you families out there too!  Helps out when traveling with kids.  It’s how flying used to be prior to 9-11.  The good ole’ days…  Here is the link for those interested in learning more.
  3. Wear your thickest/heaviest items on the plane.  This will save space in your bags and will provide layers if you need them on the plane!
  4. Either clothing cubes or vacuum bags are really helpful.  Not only do they help to compress items so you can take more, but they also double up as dirty clothes bags too.  And when I unpack into drawers, I can reach straight for a bag and know what’s in it.
  5. Multi-use items are crucial.  This means pre-planing your outfits as much as possible.  If you use a capsule wardrobe now then you are all set.  Things like a long black sleeveless dress that you can dress up with accessories and nice shoes, or down with a shirt on top and maybe tie a knot on one side.  Also doubles as a nice outfit to wear over swimwear to the pool, etc.  My black dress goes everywhere and will be greatly used.  When it comes to shoes, the same thing applies.  I have a pair of black flats by Tory Burch that are made for travel.  They fold onto themselves and include a small bag for storing.  Tieks is another brand that has something similar.  These shoes will work with both dresses for the wedding this weekend, are comfortable, casual yet chic, and go with everything (except maybe work-out gear). If it weren’t for the two ceremonies I wouldn’t even have brought as many clothes as I did.  One easy way to spice up outfits is with accessories: jewelry, shawl/scarves you can tie and wear in different ways.
  6. Make use of what the hotels have!  While I am partial to my own shampoo and conditioner, I never bring stuff to wash up with.  I always use what the hotel has.  and 9/10 I use their hairdryers and other toiletries.  Forget your toothpaste?  No problem.  Just call the front desk and you’re set.
  7. If you DO have to bring some liquids, make sure to get travel friendly sizes.  And when it comes to my makeup, I will either have small containers or go to my fave makeup counter and get samples of my foundation/lotions to take with me.  Other stuff you may need, like sunscreen, you can buy small sizes at your destination, which is exactly what I’m going to do.
    1. Take as many solid items as you can.  One company, Milk Makeup, makes many items you might use as a liquid at home in a solid formula.  Cleanser?  Check.  Facial toner?  Check.  Handy, small, travel friendly.  What more could you ask for?  And if you do have to go through regular security, this helps out a lot.

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